Saturday & Sunday August 3 - 4, 2013  |  World Seaport Trade Center  |  200 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA

Boston Comic Con Film Festival

Attention movie buffs and film geeks! Boston Comic Con will be running its second annual Boston Comic Con Film Festival! All weekend long, we'll be showcasing features, shorts, and music videos from local and national independent filmmakers.

Check out our film festival schedule, below!

On Sunday August 4, we will be featuring zombie movies.

Justic Woman

Meet SofŪa Escala, a.k.a. Justice Woman, Assistant D.A. by day, defender of truth and justice by night, who with the help of her office-mate and sidekick Robert (Roberta) Gallion fights to right the wrongs committed against the innocent and powerless by a corrupt legal system - and gets herself into some tight spots along the way. (13 min)
  • The Earth Rejects Him

    A young boy discovers a corpse while biking in the woods, then faces unexpected and macabre consequences when he tries to bury it! Directed by Jared Skolnick.
  • Epic TV Saga Season 1

    Epic TV Saga is about a crew that gets together to make film, TV, and video games parodies. Using a machine that was created, System 2000, they find not everything turns out like they wanted. (58 min)
  • Hero Envy Presents: Astrotrainspotting and Smoked

    The RSP crew presents 2 episodes of their award winning web comedy adult geek culture. In these 2 episodes watch the Hero envy gang get into crazy adventures with transformers. (30 min)
  • Folktales and Airships

    Ben Towle is a North Carolina-based cartoonist whose highly stylized approach to historical fiction has earned him wide acclaim. Folktales and Airships is a documentary profile of Towle exploring the culture of cartooning from the perspective of one of its most unique talents. (9 min)
  • Super Knocked Up - Season 2

    The super-preggers fun continues in season 2 of the action/comedy web series about a kick-ass supervillian who gets knocked up by a womanizing superhero and has to raise the baby with her nemesis.
  • Comic Geeks: A Web Series

    Comic Geeks is a web series that focuses on a group of comic book-obsessed friends, they try to balance adult life with their four-colored passion. (33 min)
Skull World

Skull World follows two years in the life of Greg Sommer, aka Skull Man, as he builds the Canadian chapter of Box Wars, an international underground movement of cardboard-based combat. Rated PG. (100 min)
  • The Comic King of Guatemala

    A carload of comic nerds travel from the U.S. to Guatemala; is it a dream or a disaster? This documentary takes a look at Guatemala's first ever comic book shop. Can it survive in a place in which one out of every two people can't read? (10 min)
  • The Ingredient

    A short stop-motion animated film in which "Lucky the Beaver" must put a stop to the thievery of an unscrupulous Wizard and his pet monster. (7 min)
  • Boy Band

    A high school quarterback quits the team his senior year to turn his heavy metal band into the first ever boyband in 1982. Winner of the 2010 Wet Your Pants Comedy Festival. Shot entirely in Massachusetts. Produced by Andrea Ajemian. Directed by Jon Artigo. (89 min)
  • Rage Quit

    A man is constantly lost in his own head. He also has a difficult time coping with his rage and handling relationships. (17 min)

  • Also Showing Throughout Saturday

    The Backyard Files (Animated Short) An animated tribute to the X-files, recreating the opening sequence of the show, using a fox, a squirrel and a talented but unusual woodpecker...celebrating the spirit of the series in this year and demonstrating the mysteries lurking in our own backyards.

    And trailers for Carrie and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones!
Cambridge Room. All showtimes are approximate.

Zombies on Broadway (1945)

Broadway hucksters (Wally Brown and Alan Carney ) try to find a real zombie for their nightclub. A horror comedy hybrid from RKO that is actually funny and has some chills! Oh, and it has Bela Lugosi, too! (68 min)
  • I Walked With a Zombie (1943)

    An RKO gem produced by Val Lewton and directed by Jacques Tourneur. Voodoo, zombies and an odd love story highlight this atmospheric chiller starring Frances Dee and Tom Conway! (69 min)
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

    The worst movie ever made? Probably not, but itís a howler nonetheless, written and directed by Ed Wood, Jr. Space aliens raise the dead in order to conquer the Earth! Or something! Come on in and yell at the screen! Starring Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, and Vampira! (79 min)
  • Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972)

    A super annoying acting troupe use an island graveyard to have a sťance and raise the dead. Alan Ormsby, the groupís director, chews the scenery with wild abandon! But wait, when the dead rise, the real chills begin... with one of the finest "dead coming out of their graves" sequences ever filmed! Directed by Bob Clark (A Christmas Story, Porkys). Rated PG. (87 min)
Cambridge Room. All showtimes are approximate.

  • Saturday 8/3: 10am-7pm
  • Sunday 8/4: 10am-6pm

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