Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 8 - 10, 2014  |  World Seaport Trade Center  |  200 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA

Special Hotel Rates
for the Boston Comic Con

Our host hotel at the Seaport World Trade Center is able to offer a special BCC rate to attendees.

They can call reservations at 617-385-4514 OR 1-877-SEAPORT and ask for the Boston Comic Con attendee rate.

The 2014 Boston Comic Con will be held at the Seaport World Trade Center on Friday August 8, Saturday August 9 and Sunday August 10, 2014. The Seaport World Trade Center is located at 200 Seaport Boulevard in the Seaport area of the City of Boston.

There are also a number of hotels in the Seaport Area that are either within walking distance or just a short cab ride away. While there are over 200 hotels to choose from in the Boston area, we suggest booking your hotel room as soon as possible.

If you cannot find a hotel that suits your needs in the Seaport area of Boston, don't fret. Boston is a major city with easy access to public transportation, subway, and taxi services.

  • Friday 8/8: 2pm-8pm
  • Saturday 8/9: 10am-7pm
  • Sunday 8/10: 10am-6pm

Nearby Hotels
The Boston Comic Con does not endorse any specific hotels. Please do your own research accordingly.
Seaport Hotel
Westin Waterfront
Oasis Guest House
Chandler Inn Hotel
The Christopher
The College Club of Boston
Charlesmark Hotel
The Midtown Hotel
The Back Bay Hotel
The Eliot Hotel
Hotel 140
Courtyard by Marriott Boston
Tremont Hotel
Revere Hotel
The Inn at Saint Botolph
The Fairmont Copley Plaza
Taj Boston
The W Boston
The Lenox
Sheraton Boston
The Westin Copley
The Boston Park Plaza
The Mandarin Oriental
40 Berkeley Hostel

Can I wear a costume to Boston Comic Con?
  • Do I need to wear a costume to attend Boston Comic Con?
    Absolutely not.
  • Does it have to be a superhero costume?
    No, you may dress as any character you choose provided it's "family friendly" and please note you must wear shoes at all times in the convention center regardless if your character does not.
  • What do you mean by "family friendly"?
    If your costume is too revealing/offensive (cover up those naughty bits!) you will be asked to cover up or change. For example, a Mystique costume comprised of only blue bodypaint and panties would not be permitted.
  • What if some creep won't stop harassing me?
    Tell Boston Comic Con staff or a member of Security immediately. Boston Comic Con will not tolerate any sort of harassment of our attendees whether they are in or costume or not.
  • What are the rules regarding cosplay props?
    First of all, please use common sense. If you can't take it on a plane then itís probably best to leave it at home. Please note we cannot and will not pre-approve your props. Security will need to check and tag them each day of the show.
Specifically please refer to the following:
- No real weapons functioning or not (firearms, blades, bows,
  crossbows, explosives, nunchuks, etc.)
- No metal props, stick to plastic or, better yet, foam.
- No chains, whips, spikes, leashes, etc.
- No hardwood props (baseball bats, bokken, etc.)
- Nothing that emits smoke, flame, etc.
  • Also, please note the following disclaimer:
    All fake/toy/prop guns must have an orange tip, whether glued plastic or painted. And if it shoots projectiles (ie discs, pellets, liquid, etc) it must be made nonfunctional and irreparable. This applies to fake/toy/prop bows as well.
  • As well as this one:
    Boston Comic Con reserves the right to confiscate any prop deemed dangerous and to eject any attendee who may be a danger to others. These rules apply to the cosplay contest as well.
  • Wait, there's a cosplay contest?
    Yes, Boston Comic Con hosts an annual cosplay contest with judges, prizes, etc. It's one of the biggest events of the con and space for both participants and audience runs out quickly.
  • Can I sign up for the cosplay contest right now?
    No, registration for the cosplay contest will be held on-site at the convention.


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